If you visit this site for the first time…

… here you will find some information about a phantastic dog breed, the Kerry Blue Terrier.

In 1975 I got my first Kerry and ever since they have been in our home. With the help of my family and friends we are talking here about the breed, interesting events, show dogs und surely about our own Kerries and our breeding.

We hope that now and again a visitor will be as fascinated as we have been, and that some time to your home will come this little wonder – Kerry Blue Terrier.

For those, who already know us …

...15 years ago we started this homepage. Our idea was to talkl about the breed, about interesting news and events that we come Germany  and across iand finally about our own Kerries and breeding. This was aimed at  Kerry people from various countries.

So welcome to our homepage again!


Tanja Sonnenschein (Tarkhova)